The Science of Spiritual Narcissism

Via Scientific American: “As has been observed by many spiritual leaders, spiritual practitioners and psychologists over the years, the ego has anĀ incessant need to be seen in a positive light, and will eagerly hijack whatever flow of consciousness it can use for its own enhancement.”

the first of the year

Quieter celebrations this year, no gatherings, no people downstairs, and the fireworks were late by two minutes. We imagined a lighter malfunctioning and silent panic as all the other neighborhoods erupted into noise around us. Eventually, however, the fireworks came. Random bursts in an otherwise quiet night. Barely any smoke. Just breathe in the new… Continue reading the first of the year

money magnet

Aw yiss!

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My first cat was named Ursa — but first it was Ursula because we thought he was a she. Not that it really matters. He died relatively young and suddenly, and for a little while we thought we could never get cats again. Then we got Ezio and then Simba. Ezio in particular is always… Continue reading familiar

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the mage

somewhere, a card falls out of a deck. it depicts a man holding up an arcane symbol of power over a cup, a chalice, and a dagger. this is officially the first card in the major arcana (although we know that the fool is actually the first card and is just journeying through the rest… Continue reading the mage

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