There is a tendency for us to add things to our lives, thinking that each new addition is the solution. But sometimes via negativa is the answer, subtraction of the non-essential.

“What did you give up for Lent?” is a small-talk question currently in vogue. Try it as an ice-breaker before Easter renders it irrelevant again.

I don’t believe in writing prodigies. You aren’t a good writer just because you’ve read the dictionary cover-to-cover. You can make up for it by reading a lot of other books, but words are empty until you’ve lived their meaning.

I have a lot to say until I’m staring at the empty page.

I read this article that claims that caustic ash — in this case, applied to the foreheads of the faithful — was acidic. What a basic mistake. Where are our journalistic standards?

I had no ending for this, so I take a little bow.

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